Event: ‘Gender, Society and Inequality’ KU LEUVEN, November 4-7, 2015,

Dear all,As many of you already know there will be a number of events this November 4-7 in Leuven around the theme of Gender, Society and Inequality. More information is below, as are instructions on how to register (registration is required).

First there will be a number of public lectures accessible to all. These coincide with two events that we have organized in Leuven: an international meeting on Male Communal Roles – Developing a Research Agenda and a special symposium with Professor Peter Glick funded by the KU Leuven Doctoral School for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Professor Glick is known for his work on the stereotype content model (with Professor Susan Fiske) and his work on ambivalent sexism. There will be public lectures for staff, postdoctoral scholars and Ph.D. candidates, as well as for the public. On Thursday November 5 (19.30-21.00) Professor Glick will give a public address entitled ‘What Keeps Men Away from Communal Roles?’– followed by a reception. In addition, Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral scholars can sign up for the special symposium in which potential research ideas are explored and discussed (November 4-5). Please see http://ppw.kuleuven.be/home/english/research/cscp/symposium for more information and instructions on how to register (registration is required).

It may also be possible (as long as room allows) to attend specific key note sessions of the international meeting that we have organized in Leuven on Male Communal Roles – Developing a Research Agenda. General information can be found at http://ppw.kuleuven.be/home/english/research/cscp/conferences (more details on the program will be placed on this website over the next few weeks). Please contact Nathalie Vissers (Nathalie.Vissers@ppw.kuleuven.be) should this be of interest to you.

We hope we will see many of you at the Peter Glick keynote or at one of the other events. Should you have any questions please contact Nathalie.Vissers@ppw.kuleuven.be. Please forward this to possibly interested others.

Best wishes,
Colette van Laar

Professor of Psychology
Center for Social and Cultural Psychology
Department of Psychology
University of Leuven
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3000 Leuven, Belgium
Email: colette.vanlaar@ppw.kuleuven.be
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