The Inter University Master of Arts Program in Gender and Diversity in Belgium was launched in 2014-2015 and is organized by the five Flemish universities (Ghent, Brussels, Louvain, Antwerp and Hasselt). According to language laws in higher education in Flanders, the main language of instruction for new programmes is in Dutch, so at this time there is no full parallel program in English, although in practice a number of courses are taught in English.

We welcome non-native Dutch speaking, international and exchange students for the elective courses in English, yet to register for the full degree program you need proof of Dutch language competence level B2, see:

language requirements

language requirements at registration

For details with a list of courses in English see programma and lessenrooster.

International exchange programs for incoming and outgoing staff and student mobility are being set up for the future.

For admittance to the program with a foreign degree, see diploma requirements.