EDGE recruits 3 pre-doctoral and 3 post-doctoral researchers

EDGE recruits 3 pre-doctoral and 3 post-doctoral researchers. EDGE is a strategic research programme of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. It explores innovative solutions that deliver new ways of political decision-making that help both effectively tackle real-world challenges to democracy and strengthen European democracies. EDGE is concerned with challenges to democratic governance in general, and more precisely with

  • issues arising from the problematic discrepancy between short-term political cycles and the need for long-term solutions to environmental crises;
  • the disconnect between citizens and the formal actors and institutions of representative democracies;
  • the gap between the promise of democratic values of equality and non-discrimination, and democracies’ failure to establish intersectional equality.

More information: https://brussels-school.be/job/pre-post-doctoral-research-positions-political-social-sciences-edge-programme