Workshop Gender, Conflict, Citizenship and Belonging: Masculinities/Femininities in Times of Crisis

On March 18th-20th 2020, UCSIA organizes an academic workshop on gender, conflict, citizenship and belonging at the University of Antwerp.

Gender and gender(ed) relations have long been the subject of political imagination and interpretation. This is particularly the case in times of crisis and perceived threats to the nation, when political actors seek to mobilise through a (renewed) emphasis on the importance of the nuclear family and traditional roles for both women and men.

This workshop seeks to better understand the current political climate in Europe, which includes the resurfacing debates on abortion, the spread of referenda on the family across Europe, the various discussions in European countries on the re-introduction of military service, as well as the activities of anti-gender movements that have attempted to curtail academic freedom in researching gender and sexuality. To do so, it examines the role of (ideological) constructions of ideal and normative masculinities/femininities and alternatives to them in times of crisis, which remain too often overlooked by researchers.

deadline for submission: 25 November 2019

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