Lecture: ‘Gendering globalization: processes and resistances’

KEYNOTE LECTURE – Ghent Centre for Global Studies, Research Day – October 29, 2015
Gendering globalization: processes and resistances.

Some examples from Latin America regarding trade, labour and migration.

Edmé Dominguez, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

There are many ways to observe the gendered processes of globalization. When we speak about gender most mean women but what we try to visualize is how different globalization processes are affecting both men and women and the relations between each other. This presentation will take as point of departure the most obvious entrance to globalization: free trade and from here we are to explore how this process affects different sectors of the economy and the people working there in a gendered, differentiated way.  This lecture will try to show what diverse treaties have meant (and can mean) for labour, migration and women’s general situation (as producers, consumers, carers) and how these processes have triggered different kinds of reactions, of resistance, in which women’s agency has advanced but still has a long way to go.

Edmé Dominguez is Associate Professor in the area of Peace and Development Studies and affiliated with the School of Global Studies of the University of Gothenburg. She is interested in issues of economic globalization, regionalism, trade and labour with a particular focus on issues of gender and citizenship. Her previous research concentrated on Soviet perceptions of Latin American socio-economic problems and Soviet policy towards Latin America. In her current research she focuses on the social implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement for Mexico and El Salvador, with a particular interest in the strategies of labour organizing of women workers at maquiladora industries through the case of several NGOs and some trade unions situated mostly in the North Eastern part of the Mexican border. She has published in various high profile journals, both in English and Spanish. She teaches courses on gender, development and international relations.

Thursday October 29, 13:00-14:00

Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, 9000 Gent – Room Vermeylen

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