SVR Breaks the Internet. International Student Conference on Gender & Sexuality. 4-5 JULY, 1-8 (CET)

The SVR Gender Studies is a platform for students, especially those in the early stages of study, to practice presenting their gender–related research topics, get inspired by their peers’ work, and exchange feedback with other students in a collegial, constructive, and transdisciplinary environment.

While last semester we invited 7 speakers to present their topic during 14 weeks, and our programme offered 2 credit-points under the module “Free Choice” (module 6 in B.A., module 8 in M.A.) for gender studies students at HU Berlin, this semester we are very pleased to inform you about our first-ever online conference in which 15 speakers will present their exciting projects with 3 panel discussions, 1 lecture, and 1 workshop during 2 days of conference.

As SVR Gender Studies values the collective praxis and process over product, it serves several goals: (1) it motivates students to be more active and reflect upon the knowledge they have gained in their studies, and 2) by acknowledging student research, knowledge production in academia can be more inclusive and democratic.

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