Surviving Academia: conversations on our well-being

On March 30th, Sophia’s Junior Network is organising another event! ‘Surviving Academia: conversations on our well-being’ will be an afternoon get-together for Master’s and PhD students with the focus on sharing experiences of navigating the academic world. We will explore the impact that academic culture can have on our (mental) well-being as young scholars and reflect on ways to cope within this high-pressure, competitive environment. By sharing our lived experiences, we might find recognition and inspiration in each other’s stories and hopefully make meaningful connections.

During this day we will provide a brave space to think about new ways of relating to ourselves and each other within the broader structures of academia. How can we be more present, connected and embodied while facing academic expectations? In what ways can we take care of ourselves and others? And what changes could we make in our own personal environments in order to create a space in which we can thrive? Also, more broadly: How can we find ways to collectively address and transform toxic structures within academia? What alternatives might there be to the dominant, neoliberal model of knowledge production and distribution?

Have such questions been on your mind as well? Or would you just like to expand your network within the field of gender studies? Please feel free to join us by registering here.

Also, in case you are not a member of the Junior Network yet, and you would like to be, you can find more information about it here.

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Date: March 30, 2023
14:00 – 17:00
: Amazone, Brussels

The event is free. Please fill in the registration form if you would like to attend.

The event will be in English.