Invitation to “Beyond the tip of the iceberg: sexual violence in Belgium”, UN-MENAMAIS final conference June 17th 2021

We are delighted to invite you to the online seminar ‘Beyond the tip of the iceberg: Sexual violence in Belgium’ on the 17th of June 2021. At this seminar we present the results of the UN-MENAMAIS study, the first gender- and age-sensitive sexual violence prevalence study in Belgium. The results will be made available to you in 5 pre-recorded capsules to be watched online during the week prior to the seminar:

  • Capsule 1: Methodology of the UN-MENAMAIS quantitative & qualitative studies
  • Capsule 2: Sexual violence in the Belgian population aged 16-69
  • Capsule 3: Sexual violence in older adults in Belgium aged 70+
  • Capsule 4: Sexual violence in minority groups in Belgium (LGBT+ & AIPs)
  • Capsule 5: Forensic responses to victims of sexual violence

On the 17th of June we have our online scientific seminar in English. We start at 9:00 with a welcome, some pre-recorded political opening statements and a general introduction to the UN-MENAMAIS project. We continue with in-depth Q&A sessions of each of the 5 capsules (until 12:00).

In the afternoon we host an interdisciplinary debate (13-15:00) with eminent international speakers on the implications of our results on research, practices and policies. The debate will be moderated by the Belgian TV-news anchor and radio journalist Xavier Taveirne.

At 15:30 we continue with a World Café workshop in Dutch and/or French, entirely devoted to implementing the UN-MENAMAIS results in Belgium. There are limited places available. Subscription is open until the 15th of May on a first come first serve basis.

The full programme can be found here

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Deadline for subscriptions is the 15th of May (World Café) and the 14th of June (scientific seminar).