‘Making Men’ by Dunia Dance Theatre and Afrikera Arts Trust

Dance performance by Dunia Dance Theatre and Afrikera Arts Trust in cooperation with the African Studies Department at Ghent University (Inge Brinkman).

‘MAKING MEN’ looks at the question of masculinity, myth and paradox. Four African dancers explore this theme through choreography that is strong and rhythmical, but also subtle and sensitive.

Can failure to fit the stereotype of masculinity lead young men to the unease and violence we witness in many societies today? Are they free to choose to do so in any way they deem appropriate, or are they forced into a mold?

They attempt to understand, question and express their doubts. They try to break free of invisible chains, to find their true selves.

The choreography seeks to highlight the limits of the male stereotype for those who seek to experience the full range of human emotions.

1 april 20u-22u
Zaal Beckett, Theater Tinnenpot, Tinnenpotstraat 21 9000 Gent

More information: here and here: https://webappsx.ugent.be/eventManager/events/MakingMen